And welcome to SAM & Co!  As civil engineer by degree, I have always sought an outlet for artistic creativity that can't quite be satisfied in the engineering world. Since I was very young I had a passion for creating things and a fascination with handwriting, which grew into a love for calligraphy. Through the years, I have found that all creativity can reflect a unique facet of the image of our Creator.

This project SAM & Co. is about seeking out and creating beauty in the simple things, in the details. We are more interested in authenticity than perfection, and we love sharing this passion with others.

Fun Facts:

SAM obviously isn't my name, but my initials since I got married. The Co. of SAM & Co. is my best friend turned husband who is part of the reason I started this business.

Besides calligraphy and watercolor, I'm into nature and sleeping outside and discovering new things.

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